How to make your online clothing store mobile friendly

Every entrepreneur selling their products online should think about making their site useable for online shoppers using mobile phones. For small business entrepreneurs, the idea of making significant changes in their sites might seem daunting, but the benefits outweigh the costs, time and efforts spend on improving the website to make it Mobile-Friendly. There is a growing popularity of smartphones, and several online users usually search about Boohoo. Many people are using them for online shopping. Making your website mobile-friendly makes your products accessible to a wide range of customers. If your site appears on the smartphone exactly the way it appears on a desktop, it will be hard to be viewed on a mobile phone; thus, your customers will be easily put off and go to other mobile-friendly sites. Therefore, there is a need to optimize your website to make it mobile-friendly. Here are some of the steps of making your clothing store mobile friendly.

1.Clear layout and easy navigation

 The major difference between smartphones and laptops is the screen size. Every square inch of the screen matters, and therefore a clear layout is very crucial. The mobile homepage should be a set of clearly marked links to the rest of your shopping site. It is advisable to use comparatively larger fonts. This is because larger fonts are counter-intuitive when the screen size is so scarce. Your customers might be looking at your website while in a crowded place, like on a train, and they usually will be holding the device. The site navigation should be easier since mobile site visitors are more likely to get disoriented. Don’t put so many levels of sub-pages and on each page. Provide customers with a clear way to get back to the homepage.

2.Mobile checkout and bandwidth

Ensure your mobile checkout is a good one. This is because website transactions are usually done in public. The majority of web users feel insecure about entering their personal information. Integrating a good checkout service that stores this data online can create a big difference. Mind your buyer’s bandwidth usage by minimizing animation and video streaming. Offering a less costly tier with lower bandwidth constraints may increase smartphone users because users will always be cautious in how much data they consume.

3.Design fast loading pages

Ecommerce websites make a lot of money, but a few seconds delay in loading can make you lose a lot of money in sales. Many online shoppers are easily put off by websites that load slowly. Therefore, it is essential to optimize your site to load flawlessly on mobile devices. This will highly encourage mobile users to visit your online shop at any time. Pass your site through a speed test, and if you notice some delays, you should make some adjustments to optimize it. Too much content can lead to a page delay; thus, you should not be loading your page with too much comment. After all, customers won’t read everything, so it is important to put simple and precise content. If you are using animation and videos, ensure that you reduce the size because video streaming can slow down the page and consume mobile bandwidth.

4.Create your online store mobile apps

Mobile apps are now becoming very popular, and you can get mobile apps for all types of tasks. Mobile application development companies have now enabled us to own e-commerce stores’ mobile applications easily. A major population of online shoppers prefers using mobile apps to use the website. Businesses should chase their customers where they are, and customers want their favorite brands at their fingertips; thus, mobile apps are essential for online businesses. The advantage of mobile e-commerce apps is that they increase customer engagement and conversions.

5.Use the right tools

Choose a hosted e-commerce platform with responsive design. If you are using WordPress, you can choose a theme and shopping cart that uses your responsive design. This will enhance securely processing credit card payments on your site easily. Although it can be easy to make your website mobile-friendly, it is important to consider how your site will function from a mobile perspective. This will enable online users to visit your site through their mobile phones, thus allowing interaction with your products. This can greatly impact the growth of your business positively.

In order to succeed in this competitive industry of online business, you need to follow the current trends and ensure that you are doing everything to improve the user experience for your visitors. Due to stiff competition, getting and retaining customers in the e-commerce market is daunting. The above tips will help you make your website mobile-friendly to get more customers and increase sales.